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A Live Case Study

FranchEyes Marketing and PR is currently working with Gilhooleys to grow the sales of their new Gilhooleys Steakhouse restaurants.

Gilhooleys recognised the opportunity to increase the profile and sales of its restaurants by changing the menu and re-branding the venues Gilhooleys Steakhouse.

FranchEyes Marketing and PR has created a marketing strategy and is currently executing tactical marketing plans to rejuvenate the venue’s restaurants and increase sales.

Already retained to undertake publicity for Gilhooleys, FranchEyes Marketing and PR is now also…

  • establishing a brand personality for Gilhooleys Steakhouse
  • coordinating design and placement of print and bus advertising
  • copywriting e-mailouts to Gilhooleys members
  • liaising with shopping centre marketing managers to leverage centre promotions
  • coordinating flyer distribution and other direct marketing activities
  • creating and managing a significant promotion that will culminate in a special event, designed to drive home the unique positioning of Gilhooleys Steakhouse.

Gilhooleys Steakhouse

Gilhooleys placemat
Gilholeys Steakhouse placemat

Loganholme Quest 19.05.08 - click for enlargement

Gilhooleys Bus Advert
Gilhooleys Bus Advertisement - click for enlargement

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